Static Analysis

OCaml Analysis

  • Ocamllint - Ocamllint detects common errors in OCaml code
  • Mascot - Mascot is a style-checker for OCaml sources
  • BetterErrors - BetterErrors improves error messages of the OCaml compiler (Make OCaml Errors Great Again.)

Other Languages

  • pfff – pfff is a set of tools and APIs to perform some static analysis, dynamic analysis, code visualizations, code navigations, or style-preserving source-to-source transformations such as refactorings on source code.
  • infer - infer is a static analyzer for Java, C and Objective-C
  • flow - flow is a static type checker for JavaScript
  • BAP - BAP is a reverse engineering and program analysis platform that targets binary programs.
  • SLAyer - SLAyer is an automatic formal verification tool that uses separation logic to verify memory safety of C programs.
  • MemCAD - MemCAD is an abstract interpreter for shape analysis. MemCAD can verify C programs manipulating complex data structures.
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