• Dbm — A binding to the NDBM/GDBM Unix "databases".
  • – An OCaml driver for Mongodb
  • PG'OCaml — A type-safe interface to PostgreSQL in pure OCaml.
  • ppx_pgsql – A syntax extension for embedded SQL queries using PG'OCaml.
  • PostgreSQL-OCaml — An interface to PostgreSQL through the C API (`libpq`).
  • SQLite3 — OCaml bindings to the SQLite3 database.
  • Sqlite3EZ — Thin wrapper for SQLite3 with a simplified interface.
  • ocaml-redis – Redis bindings for OCaml.
  • mysql – Bindings to libmysqlclient for interacting with MySQL databases.
  • mysql_protocol – Implementation of MySQL Protocol with the Bitstring library.


  • Irmin: a distributed database that follows the same design principles as Git.
  • Obigstore: a database with BigTable-like data model atop LevelDB.
  • RunOrg: a WIP database server written in OCaml.


  • Macaque — Macaque is a library for safe and flexible database queries using comprehensions on top of PG'OCaml.
  • ORM — ORM for SQLite.


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